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Zrii Testimonials

I started Zrii in June 2008 - I have not been sick once even though I am exposed to sick patients all day long. It seems like I constantly send my employees home sick but I never catch it - a couple times I felt something coming on but doubled or even tripled my dose of Zrii, and by next morning I felt fine again. Love it! –Rebecca Runze

I recently started taking Zrii. Something that immediately changed is that I started sleeping through the night without having to get up and visit the restroom. Causation or correlation? Who cares? Just don’t take this stuff away from me… –Terri  Hamel Estes

I am 61 years old I have been on Zrii for 10 months. I was on medication for high cholesterol, and now my cholesterol has never been so low. I have lost 40 lbs, and I do not crave certain foods anymore. Keep it coming!  –Avril Black

I am a diabetic and practice Dentistry in Hollywood, Florida. I have been using Zrii for the past 4 months. My Blood Sugar levels are to the point that I have reduced the number and dosages of Insulin injections per day.  Also, my vision, perhaps due to better blood sugar controls, has improved to the extent that I now wear glasses with a three year old prescription. Thank you Zrii! –Dr. Edward Fellows
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