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Live and Dried Blood Educational Sessions 

What is Microscopy?

Live Blood Analysis looks at the quality of the blood. This is different than a traditional blood test, which you get from your doctor. They are interested in quantitative information.  How much and how many cells, etc. We are more interested in the qualitative information or the condition of what is there.  Although the count is important, it doesn’t matter if you have the correct number of cells if they are fermenting and disorganizing.This is what is perceived to be normal health: the shapes of the cells are all even in size and color; the cells are separated from each other and residing in their own space.



Because the live blood has so many variables based on what you ate or drank recently, we also correlate what we see to a second kind of research known as the Mycotoxic Oxidative Stress Test. These are just big words for where acid is settling in the body.  This is what is perceived to be normal health.  It is tightly organized and bright red with these black cobweb like rivers running through.

Dried Blood Analysis shows a lifetime of challenges.  What we do with the dried blood is let it sit on the finger for 30 seconds then pick it up in a series of drops. 

The bigger drops show things that are on the surface, or recent and as we go farther down we can see things over a life time.  Just because we see something doesn't mean you will experience it.  It just shows a weakened area in the body.  Where the pools or lakes are in the drop indicates where it is in the body.

If the pool is in the center of the drop then the challenge is in the middle of the body.  If it is in the edge then its an extremity.  If it goes all the way around it is a system.  Some of what can be observed are;

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