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The Journey

When I started this journey like Dr.Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon and the rest of the doctors behind the formulation of Nutriiveda I had thought that Nutriiveda would be a great way for busy parents and professionals to take better care of themselves and perhaps lose some unwanted pounds.  That aspect is still very real, as many of you have shared your stories of losing your excess pounds.  What I didn't expect is that Nutriiveda would have some sort of therapeutic affect on the special needs children of the parents and professionals!  

More info on NutriiVeda can be found under the Weight Loss/Management section of my site


 Anecdotal reports of surges for those with autism, apraxia and other speech impairments, ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, seizure disorders, epilepsy and global delays in the following areas typically within just a few days on Nutriiveda:

SPEECH articulation, complexity and sophistication of sentence structure
LANGUAGE better understanding of written and spoken word, development of better reading and writing skills
ACADEMICS/LEARNING reported surges in all areas of school
FINE AND GROSS MOTOR SKILLS also multi tasking
SENSE OF HUMOR both catching subtle humor and wanting to make others laugh-joking around
AWARENESS OF SURROUNDINGS (for autism) reported following gaze and more interactions
FACIAL EXPRESSIONS more non-verbal communication, for oral apraxia more expressions instead of blank stares when not engaged in conversation
FOCUS on task, more willing to listen and try
MULTI TASKING (for apraxia as this is something typically not done or done well)
SOCIAL wanting to participate with others via play and communication
MOOD reported seems "happier" for a number
DEVELOPMENTAL CATCHING UP for those that never went through stages -reportedly going through them for the first time.
DECREASE IN SEIZURES so far in one case elimination of any seizures and headaches and decrease in seizure meds as well
IMAGINATIVE PLAY increase in imaginative play and story telling

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