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Little Mermaid- a clip

“Dr. Black and I spoke of the amazing changes we are seeing and without the help of Nutriiveda this would not be possible. He began reading his notes from all the previous years that he has seen Melanie and reminded me that we should be dealing with Mealnie’s PTSD and seizure issues not looking towards the future with new therapies being introduced to her and the real possibility of Melanie being able to finally communicate. He also is very happy that we have been able to reduce Melanie’s seizure medication three times now with his guidance since being on nutriiveda seizure free for the first time in years, and as if all of that isn’t enough, the fact that she has lost the 15 pounds she gained from the medications. I told him that I finally feel like life is getting easier for our family and we are able to move on to a different place in our lives finally. For so many years we felt we were either standing still or moving backwards. Dare I say that my life is now becoming closer to “normal”?”


Tanner's Discovery

I had to cut Tanner’s NutriiVeda back substantially in fear of running out prior to getting more in.  He was upset as well saying to me “Mommy why did you have to tell everyone about it?!”  He thought it was because of me that this huge company had a backorder!

But something interesting happened; about 4 days into the greatly reduced dosage Tanner’s speech regressed back.  I asked him what was going on with his speech and he stuttered “I don’t know I’m just all bumpy again.” The only thing I could think of was the NutriiVeda. The next day I gave him once again a full dosage and sure enough his speech was better.  In addition to weight loss and speech improvements in the weeks that followed we’ve noticed the following side benefits which are all out of character for Tanner prior:  waking up each morning prior to his alarm, greater interest in reading and sharing the books he is reading (in detail), reading a chapter book in two days, sudden ability to independently blink one eye at a time, being regular daily.  I spoke with the head of Tanner’s school who confirmed that at school they too are noticing a changed student all of a sudden.  I’m told about how he is walking the halls with his head in a book reading.  That after lunch prior to NutriiVeda Tanner would seem “wiped out” and that now he’s “alert” with “improved speech” and “participating more in class”. 

Lisa Geng
Founder, President Cherab Foundation
Co-Author, The Late Talker [St Martin's Press]

Joe's 3 weeks on Nutriiveda

3 weeks tomorrow on Nutriiveda. 2 scoops (1 scoop twice a day) Drinks in 8 oz of milk.

Changing pitch of talk If he asks something, he will ask in a normal tone of voice, if we say no, he will 'growl' talk (for lack of a better word) then he'll talk in a high pitch for the next sentence. This is again something that he has never done. He isn't monotone, just doesn't do this kind of 'silly-type' talk.

He discovered static electricity today and was wildly amused. I got zapped quite a few times on my neck after he figured out that rubbing his slippers on the carpet made this zap, of course he was giggling and laughing about it.

Eye contact is GREAT

Pointing to items and trying to say every word adding the right amount of syllables has increased since last week. Usually he would point or say something, but he is doing them together. something completely new.

His fine motor skills have kept improving. His handwriting which has taken him in the past about a half an hour to complete, now takes 5 minutes and he brings it to me and smiles and shows me what he's done.

We went to the Pinewood Derby this past weekend and saw a person that always tries to talk to him, but he'd only say something if I said to, and he was trying to talk to her this time. I hadn't told her about the Nutriiveda and she volunteered to me how much more social and responsive he is than the last time she saw him (1 month ago-ish)

Even my husband, skeptic extraordinaire, said today (which is why I'm writing this today) Joe seems so much more 'alert' and responding much better than he has in the past. He added that it might be a coincidence.  LOL. but he didn't think so. Lisa, I knew you would appreciate that!”


One Month Update - Nutriiveda

What a Winter it has been!
We've been super buried with snow here in Columbus, Ohio since February began.
I'm talking 25 inches of snow.
I've been reading all the emails from the group, but because of the snow (and now a major roof problem) I've been working a lot of hours, so I haven't had much of a chance to respond.

Here's how Cooper is doing....

He started Nutriiveda back in January, and has now been on it for one month.

We've increased his dosage from one scoop to almost 2 a day. I was able to do so because I've found so many ways to include it in his diet. We're still mostly mixing it with milk, but I've also been making him a milkshake every day before he goes to his afternoon preschool class. It's a typical chocolate
milkshake with ice cream, milk, a small amount of chocolate syrup and one scoop of powder. He LOVES it and I must say, it tastes pretty darn good.

The gains. Oh the gains.
I'm really happy with the amazing progress.

Cooper's progress has been HUGE across the board.

His main SLP is not aware that we have been trying Nutriiveda. When I took Cooper to speech 2 weeks ago, she happily told me that she is seeing "fewer signs of classic apraxia." She now says his issues more resemble a phonological processing disorder - which is apparently a lot less severe than apraxia. She has always described Cooper as having classic apraxia - since she first started treating him when he was barely 3-years-old.

Of course, I love that Coop's articulation is improving, but the difference I'm most excited about is Cooper's new word usage. The things that are popping out of his mouth without him even thinking about...

Tonight, for instance, Cooper and I were having a conversation about recycling. His Dad walked by and jokingly said "I think we should recycle all the little boys in this house." And without missing a beat, Cooper replied "No Daddy. That would hurt! I can't go in the garbage truck!"

That's just one of dozens of examples of sentences that have flowed from his mouth without him thinking about it so much. He just seems to be thinking quicker on his feet.

Other areas of improvement have been fine motor, which was the area where we saw the fastest improvement once we started Nutriiveda.

Cooper has also grown! I'm not sure how that plays into all this...but I did have a Dad who follows DAN protocol for his child tell me that sometimes when things get straightened out metabolically, you'll see a growth spurt. And Cooper has shot up about a half and inch.

All good things!
We are so excited!


Liam discovers his inner Brittish

We're seeing incredible gains with Liam. Took him to his DAN doc on Monday and she not only approved using NV (after verifying with me that the botanicals weren't tainted in any way and the whey was casein-free), but agreed with taking Liam off of the multivitamin (Vitaspectrum) she had put him on, adding only an extra Folate + B12 supplement and zinc, since blood work showed he is low in these things. She remarked on how much healthier he looks - no longer has translucent skin, lots of color in his face. Liam has also grown 1 1/2 inches and gained 3 lbs. He seems happier, and no longer begs to stay home from preschool. Still more attentive and engaged. Asking WHAT questions (had never done before) and speaking in more complex sentences. He is even imitating the British accent the Pig family has on Peppa Pig! too cute! His imaginative play has increased, including - and this was a big one we thought - bonding with one of his stuffed animals and actually naming it. He has never cared about stuffed animals before - ever. He has carried this one around with him now for 3 days and sleeps holding onto it. He puts it in his wagon and wheels it around the house, and it plays games and watches DVDs with him, too. We are thrilled! He is sleeping deeper/longer/better. His appetite, which has always been good, is even better. We are so very pleased!

As for me - I've lost about 15 lbs., my energy level is great, I'm sleeping better, and my head is much clearer - not sure exactly how to describe what has happened, but I've felt so foggy for so many years that I've not even been able to recall the words to songs that I hear over and over. Maybe processing speed of some sort? At any rate, that has resolved, too.

I wish I understood exactly what it is in NV that is helping my son and me so very much, but whatever it is its making me feel better than I have in years, and it's clearly making a big difference for our son, which everyone has noticed and remarked on!


Client Updates

Hi all,

I am an SLP in private practice, Help Me Speak, LLC, in Marriottsville, MD. I have several clients with either apraxia &/or autism who have started using NV. Here are some changes we have noted:

1. Client-M.; 6-6 yrs; male; global apraxia & HI w/fine motor, sensory challenges too; picky eater (huge gains here prior to NV); he has only been taking 1 scoop/day in choc pudding BUT as his mom and I discussed today, we are seeing subtle changes!! Fine motor-he was interested (not before!) in
writing his name by connecting the dots---never done that before per his mom; more willing to try school work (before did not want to practice much); multitasking-today during play, he showed a sense of humor while using his words; many more attempts to imitate words in isolation and in combination.

2. Client-M; 9yrs; male; dyspraxia and ASD; speech-language: before he needed cues and reminders to use full sentences; now, he is putting many more words together spontaneously!!; many more comments than before.

3. Client-J; ASD; dyspraxia; mostly nonverbal; only on it for 2 wks w/many more attempts at sentences than previously!!

4. Client-E.; 3yrs; many more attempts at a variety of sounds than he had previously; at first, had difficulty focusing, but that has resolved after a few days and now is attending during sessions w/o difficulty; new sounds--/n, k, g/ which means that his tongue is elevating more at the front and back of his mouth, also means that he is dissociating (separating) his tongue from his jaw; WOW!

Even if your child "seems" to make small changes---behavior, a few new sounds, etc., the underlying skills required to make those changes are many more than you would think!

Warmest wishes,

Barbara A. Taylor, M.S., CCC-SLP
Executive Director/ Help Me Speak, LLC
(o) 410-442-9791 (f) 410-442-9783
2500 Wallington Way; Suite 103
Marriottsville, MD 21104

Brett on Nutriiveda

Hi everyone,
I thought I would post our experience on Nutriveda. My son, Brett, is 11 years old, diagnosed with apraxia at age 2, along with global dyspraxia and ADHD. He is in regular ed 5th grade, with RSP support in language arts and math. He currently receives speech therapy 2x/week, OT 2x/week, and vision therapy 2x/week. He's also very active in sports, including horseback riding, all of which have helped his gross motor skills immensely. His speech is by no means normal. Still many articulation problems, and his prosidy is odd. Many fine motor problems as well, and continues to struggle with handwriting, although he's a pretty good typist.

At any rate, we started Nutriveda 3 weeks ago…

Gross motor has improved noticeably since starting. He just seems stronger, able to throw balls harder and farther, better motor planning, etc. Speech has definitely been better. I wouldn't say articulation or clarity is changed dramatically, but maybe a bit. The biggest change I have seen is in the complexity of his language. For example, after only 2 days on Nutriveda he was taking a shower, and I told him he needed to be done. Instead of saying, "In a minute" or something like that, he said, "Mommy, please allow me to enjoy the warmth a bit longer." Huh??? Did he turn into an 18th century British gentleman on this stuff? :) A couple of days ago he was playing a game on his Nintendo DSi, and was explaining the game. A very long explanation, which wasn't unusual except I could understand him better. Then he said, "I didn't want to try that mode, because that would make the game much more chaotic." Now, he does have a large vocabulary, but doesn't typically use words like that in speech. A couple days before that, he heard the name Stephanie on the radio. He would normally say something like, "Stephanie in my class" to let me know there's someone by that name in his class. This time he said, "Oh, Stephanie, just like the Stephanie that is in my class." Much more complex, with complete thoughts. His speech is also more mature. Hard to explain. Maybe something in the tone of his voice, or the speed of his speech, or maybe it's the more complex language, but he definitely sounds more like a typical 11 year old boy than he used to. So I have noticed some very positive improvements since we started Nutriveda….

Thanks for listening!


Nutriveda Before/After Video

About 1 week ago I posted the following note about my son's 2 wk experience with Nutriveda and promised to post before/after footage. I can't figure out how to get the footage onto BigTent or apraxianet, so I've added it to my personal family blog and wanted to let you all know in case you'd like to check it out.

http://vraciufamily.blogspot.com/- video was posted Feb 23, 2010 in case you need to go to archives (eventually).

The first post was taken Jan 25, the day before we started Nutriveda. The 2nd post was taken about 2.5 wks later. I'm not sure you can see drastic results in his articulation, but per my prior post, we've seen wonderful results all around - mostly in verbal complexity and temperament. We think at the least the NV has allowed Ryan to feel better. Considering he's sleeping through the night better, not constipated any more (1st time in a year!), able to convey more complex thoughts and itching less (no more eczema!) I'd be in a better mood too!

Original post sent on 2/17/2010

Just finishing up wk 2 of Nutriveda and have good things to report. Here are the details on my son and our experience thus far.

34 mos old; diagnosed w/CAS at 24 mos. He's on 2 tsp/day of NN 3,6,9 since diagnosis and we've seen very positive effects from using it. Most recently, we had an OT eval and were told there may be mild issues with decreased oral motor awareness & tactile discrimination, vestibular & proprioceptive processing as well as praxis w/unfamiliar motor tasks - whatever all that means (we're still learning about the Sensory Processing components of this - he seems just old enough now to pick up on these things...ugh!).

Dpsage for Ryan is 1 scoop (8-9 level teaspoons). The first 4 days he took 3-4 tsp/day. During that time, he was nothing short of AWFUL. He was whiney, crying and just plain defiant no matter what the situation. Anything would set him off and we saw no improvements whatsoever. If anything we thought his speech sounded a tad worse.

Then came day 5... Ryan woke up in the BEST mood and had the sweetest temperament all day - no roller coaster fluctuations. Was he still a 2 yr old little boy who can be snotty and doesn't always pay attention, certainly, but it was different. The only way to describe it is that there was a level of
resistance that was gone. Ryan is an easy going kid, but more and more lately we've been met with resistance to any and everything. It finally seemed as if he was...dare I say it...a normal 2 yr old? Day 6 - same thing. Again, there was a different kind of peace/calmness in him. My husband Paul was upstairs w/Ryan looking down at me and Paul said "isn't mommy pretty, Ryan?" and Ryan said
"Mommy, you are pretty." And...he used the T!!!! He's never been able to say that letter before. Also, we noticed he was singing all day, humming, and chatting more than normal. Finally, we started having hope that maybe it was the NV? I increased his dosage to a full scoop and he went downhill again for another 3-4 days before he leveled out again. We believe his body was purging/detoxing something.

1. Demeaner: This is where we've seen the most significant improvement. The sweet part of Ryan is so very sweet, but always seems to be overpowered by this massive defiant side. It seemed consequences (time-out, taking something away even a spanking every now and then) were no deterrant. He simply was going to do what he wanted to do regardless. Since he's my first child, I didn't know if it was terrible 2s or what. However, after seeing him have such wonderful days lately, I see it was something more. Again, only way to say it is that the resistance is gone. He seems so much happier, compliant and go-with-the-flow. 2. Verbal Complexity: Seeing positive things here too. For instance, instead of saying he wants to go to the bike shop with his daddy by saying "me go" or "me go with daddy." He says "I want to go to the bike store with daddy. Daddy, don't go yet, wait on me." - WHAT? This is happening in all aspects of his speech - even pretend play. He's also mimicking me more and more.
3. Articulation: This hasn't surged a ton, but has definitely improved. He is able to say more sounds more frequently. "T" for the first time, "Ns" are 80% there. I even hear him focusing on ending words correctly instead of leaving off the last consenant. My in-laws heard him talking on the phone and were blown away by the clarity (let's be clear, there is still not optimal clarity, but much improved).
4. Focus: Stronger! This morning he played alone for 1 hour. That is not common. He did a few puzzles and I noticed it wasn't the usual trial and error to find the right location for each piece. He was actually looking at the image on each puzzle piece and trying to match it. Haven't seen that before. I never thought of him as unfocused, but I see a difference.
5. Fine/Gross Motor: Not sure I see anything different here. This is hard b/c he's only 2, but we'll see. He did learn how to cut with scissors, but not sure if it was naturally learned or due to NV.
6. Social: Ryan is very social and likes to be the center of attention, but mostly w/adults. He attends preschool 2x/wk (2.5hr classes) w/100% typical kids and LOVES it but when it comes to classroom setting, his teachers say he still parallel plays and doesn't initiate w/the other kids. I know Ry well enough to know it's not b/c he doesn't want to play and talk with the other kids, it's because he can't...he can't talk to them and knows he doesn't have anything to say. So...he'll walk up, hand them something and walk away. (it's quite heartbreaking actually). However, we're seeing a big difference here. At church daycare this weekend, instead of running straight to the teacher for attention, he walked over to a kid building a block tower and said "WOW! That is really big!" Also, there was a little girl fussing and he walked up to her and said "it be okay" and patted her on the shoulder. He is walking up to people and saying hi and asking their names. He's talking about the DETAILS of his day more than just answering questions with yes/no. Maybe it's a confidence? Who knows.
7. Sensory: We are seeing no change in his suspected sensory issues. But I'm hoping with time this changes.

Overall very impressed. She also mentioned less resistance in demeanor and in his jaw. He's making sounds easier and things seem to be flowing differently/better. She said his focus was significantly better and she's not having to PROMPT as much as she was a week ago. She's thrilled.

We mix the vanilla w/Bolthouse Farms juice smoothies. If you don't have time to make your own smoothies, I'd reco purchasing these. They come in a TON of flavors & Ryan's able to take a half scoop in one drink (2x/day). You can find them next to the milk cases at Wal-Mart, or at Kroger's in the produce section next to the bagged lettuce/specialty dressings - same for Whole Foods.

Overall, my skeptical husband and I are convinced that most of these surges are due to the NV. Sometimes we can't pinpoint what's different about Ryan, but something is...something there. We had him tested with a DAN doc the week before we started NV to better understand what is/is not working in his gut/system, but won't get the results back until April. We're hoping when we meet with DAN in April we'll get some insight into what exactly the Nutriveda is helping regulate in Ryan.

Hopeful and excited! I have video of him talking from the week before we started NV and will take more this week. As soon as I get it posted I'll let you all know.


First few days on Nutriiveda for autistic grandson

Day 3 on Nutriveda
We only started our grandson on Nutriveda this past Saturday with 1/2 a scoop and since he seemed to be fine with it we bumped him up to a full scoop on  Sunday and today. I could not wait to send this email to the group because I could hardly contain my excitement. Our 3 1/2 year old grandson was diagnosed with Autism and Apraxia when he was just 18 months old. He is currently non verbal and has received just about every therapy you could name over the last year with very small amounts of slow and steady improvement. I would categorize him unfortunately as a non responder until Nutriveda came into our lives.

Although we haven't heard any new sounds or words yet his sense of awareness, cognition and disposition is undeniably greatly improved in just a few days. Just today he started playing with toys he has never touched before, eye contact is great and he has started to imitate things in his cartoons. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying this is going to be a big WOW for us since we have yet to find anything to date to give us the feeling that we might be on the right track. I am so grateful to this group and I promise to continue to keep everyone up dated on our journey.

Day 5 on Nutriveda
WOW my daughter and I could hardly believe what we witnessed today. My grandson for the first time ever was able to steer his bike for approximately 2 city blocks. He just started to pedal ever so slowly about a week or so ago and we were so happy with that and figured the steering may not come for many months if at all.....but today he suddenly started to steer the bike away from the grassy edges of the path and kept the bike going straight. Thank GOD my daughter had her flip video camera with her so she video taped 3 minutes of this amazing bike ride. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences with Nutriveda and if there is one think I am sure of now is NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.


Introducing my son Matt and an update/report on Nutriiveda

Hi everyone,

I've not visited the list for a while. I started my son (and my mother) on Nutriieveda four days ago. I spoke to Lisa last night and promised her that I would report on Matt's progress.

First, let me introduce you all to my son. My son is currently 9 years old. He was born with a heart defect for which he had surgery when he was 4 months old. He has a laundry list of challenges - but one of his major stumbling block has been his global apraxia - which diagnosis he received at 2 years old.

In searching for answers to that piece of my son's puzzle, I found this group. My son responded well to the fish oil - although not as some of the kids did. Perhaps his brain injury slow down his surges. But any positive result was incredible to see.

When I spoke to Lisa last night, we had not yet seen any changes in Matt, although he did like his chocolate shakes (LOL - he can't believe we are giving him a dessert with breakfast).

This morning my son was spinning/twirling in the living room while his breakfast was being prepared. Spinning is a normal activity for my son. He has sensory issues - and something about spinning calms him down. At one point, one of his OTs let him spin for as long as he wanted to (usually we all limit it - as he is tuning out the world while spinning). He spun for 15 minutes straight without a pause. When he finished she asked him how he felt. He grinned and said good.

This morning as he sat at the table he told my husband that he was dizzy.


My son has NEVER been dizzy.

This may not seem big to most people, but it is incredible to us.

We are using 2 scoops in a morning shake (he has been drinking part of it for breakfast and the rest later in the day). The first few days he didn't finish his shake until bedtime. Both mornings following he woke up having soaked his bed. So we are now making sure that he finishes his shake by the afternoon. This morning he once again woke up dry. Sleeping through the night dry is a work in progress for my son.

To reduce the problem with the extra liquids in Matt's diet, Lisa recommended also trying it in yogurt or pudding - which we'll try - although Matt might miss his breakfast dessert!

I'll keep everyone posted on Matt's progress.

Oh! And the reason I'm having my mother use it also is that I had planned to try it with my son so I could have a gauge of how it was affecting my body. Unfortunately I am allergic to dairy and the product has whey in it. Therefore my mother is using it and keeping me informed as to how it is making her feel. So far, for her, it has been a great meal replacement. I've asked her to pay attention to any affects on attention, focus, concentration, etc. She'll let me know if she sees any improvement. While she is more than happy to experiment on herself to help her grandson, she wouldn't mind seeing some positive results for herself as well!

Thanks for reading.

Lori Pyne
(Mom of Matt)

Our Nutriiveda experience, so far!

I am so happy to hear about your experience!
I am also on the GFCF group with you and have been thinking about you and your son! My son has been dx with Apraxia and PDD-NOS and we are also seeing amazing gains with NV.

In response to:

My son has been dx with Apraxia and PDD-NOS and we are also seeing amazing gains with NV.

Hello all! We received our canisters of chocolate NV on Monday and began that afternoon! My 5 yr old son Liam and I are both using it. I've started Liam on only 1 scoop per day, because I'm having a horrible time getting it in him! I don't think he objects to the taste as much as texture??? We know he doesn't like milk shakes or smoothies of any kind, so we're feeling kind of limited. Hubbie is picking up some coconut milk yogurt from Whole Foods on his way home, so fingers crossed that will work and we can up his dosage to 2 scoops soon. For myself, I started with 2 scoops and then upped it to 4 today.

First, because I haven't posted much and you don't know much about Liam - a brief history. Liam was diagnosed with multiple protein intolerance as a newborn and cannot tolerate casein or soy. He has a history of sinus, ear, and respiratory infections and is small for his age. He was diagnosed with verbal
apraxia at 22 mos. We discovered Lisa's book soon afterward and started Pro-EFA & EPA, experiencing nice surges as we increased it. Over the past few years, Liam has received additional diagnoses of high functioning autism/PDD-NOS, SPD, CAPD - well, you get the idea - he's a real head-scratcher! He's hyperlexic, so the big difference between his verbal and nonverbal/performan ce skills make him
difficult to evaluate, I'm told. Anyway, he's "apraxic from head to toe" (per one of his SLPs), mildly sensory-seeking, and has the expressive and receptive language skills of a <3 yr old, while able to do complex addition and substraction and read at a second grade level.

Changes in Liam so far: Liam is a much happier child, with much more energy. His attention has improved - he seems more "on." Instead of wanting TV all day, he hasn't even asked for it yesterday or today. Instead, he's reading and wants to share the books with the rest of us. He is intiating play with us more, actually creating his own silly games (apparently, they've been imitating trains in preschool, which is thinks is hilarious, so he runs around the house going "chuga chuga choo choo!" and then came to me with a variation: "Mommy, when I say chuga chuga, you say moo moo! Ok, ready? Ok, go!" - he has never done this before). He didn't cry about going to preschool yesterday or today - this is a
battle we usually endure every morning (he'd even get the calendar and try to convince me that it's the weekend! lol). As I'm typing this, he has come up to me twice and physically moved my face so I have to look at him while he tells me about something.

Definitely more engaged. He's considerably less frustrated and less married to routine. We haven't noticed any change in articulation yet, but he's requiring less cuing to answer WH questions. After preschool yesterday and today, two different therapists noted that he was very engaged and followed directions well (was the only one in his group who followed instructions on an art project without help). They don't yet know that we're doing anything different. Liam was still happy and energetic after his mornings at preschool, which is new. Liam is kind of hyper since beginning NV, which under ordinary circumstances I might consider to be a bad thing, but if he's feeling better and more energetic, who
can blame him for wanting to climb and jump all over everything?! !! :) Oh - and he is drinking a lot more. This might seem like a little, unimportant thing, but we usually have to bribe him to get him to finish even one cup of juice at a meal - last night he had 2 1/2! Good hydration makes us happy!

I'm also feeling much, much more energy. I've already cut my morning coffee from two mugs to one - just don't want it. I still have energy at the end of the day, and yet I'm sleeping very well. My head feels clearer and I just plain feel better. I'm 46 (my oldest child is in grad school and my youngest is 3 - yes, I'm crazy) and overweight and had given up on being able to lose my extra weight, but this week I've already lost 4 lbs. It's all water - my ankles are no longer swollen and my feet don't hurt at the end of the day. I was underweight - a teeny size zero - until my mid-thirties, and then gained 30 lbs., followed by 30+ more after Liam was born, and doctors haven't been able to tell me why, and diet and exercise have not helped, so I'm a great candidate, I think, for this product. If it continues to help me with my health and weight woes, it is indeed miraculous!

For those who are doing biomed/DAN protocol for their kids - if it helps at all to know - we started seeing a DAN doc last October. Of course we were already GFCFSF because of Liam's problems, and we had already added fish oils and digestive enzymes with great results. We added Vitaspectrum multivitamins, at our DAN's advice, and increased his calcium and magnesium (because he can't have
milk products) and vitamin D (blood test showed it was very low, by even mainstream standards, as is common in my family), and added L-Theanine (which we were happy to see is included in NV). Since beginning NV, we've stopped the multivitamins and L-Theanine, but kept the other stuff.

Sorry that this ended up being so long! Hope it helps.

Nutriiveda: We all are wowed by it.

Lisa, I totally forgot about the "humor" part. Thanks for bringing this up. Varun loves to watch Wiggles. Of late he has been really "enjoying" watching their videaos. I did not realise till yesterday evening - he was involved with the videos - laughing out loud when he saw some funny movements!!! IT took me a second to realise that he was actually "into" the video. This is huge for us. Previously he used to sit watch / rewind/ fastforward etc...but there was no immotions to it [hope you can get my point - short of words], but now he is immitating their movements and laughing out-loud to some funny scenes!!!

Remember how i told you how I had increased it to 3 scoops for him. I generally give one scoop with his breakfast. Then 2 scoops after he comes home from school or sometimes during luch. We got all positive feedbacks/reports from school especially more when he was in 3 scoops. Yesterday i did not give him the 1 scoop with his breakfast[we were running late...so couldn't squeeze the 1 scoop]. When I picked him up, his teacher said he was all-over the place!! she told me she felt she had a different student in her classroom!!! How bizarre is that???? I am really puzzled and amazed how quickly we see the change with or without the nutriiveda. You know how I have been trying out various combos. Now
I am just going to stop experimenting...because we have seen really more improvements ,involvement and awareness with the nutriveda. We are into 3 scoops from now on.

But hats-off to you to get us all rolling and finding the connection to nutriiveda and our kids.

Waiting to hear more improvements from all our kids.

Do any of you use Nutriiveda for your little ones (under 3)?

Hello Andrea,

Our 24 month old has been on NV for just over a week now. We have seen some tremendous increases in his speech. He is attempting many more words and is now "singing" along to some songs. I was very worried about trying this with my son at first as well. I did have it approved by his Pediatrician and plan to take it to his Pediatric Neurologist on March 1st. I do have my degree in science and have asked many other scientists where I work what their thoughts were about the product. No one thought there would be any problems. I also tried the product before I gave it to my son. I started him with 1/3 of a scoop twice a day for a few days and then increased to 1/2 a scoop twice a day. I am thinking about waiting another week and then stopping the NV to see if there is any regression. Again, our son's only additional supplements are the ProEPA and ProEFA. I will keep you posted on any additional improvements!


25month old son on NutriiVeda update

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to give you all an update on my 25 month old son Diagnosed with CAS. My son started on the NN fish oils when he was 20 months old with a small surge in soft vowel production. (He previously had no words and made very few sound other than grunting and pointing.) He also started Speech therapy with a private speech therapist once a week at that time (because EI did not have a speech therapist available and still doesn't.) He began using "B," "M," and "P" consonants with soft vowels at around 23months but he had no words and was not mimicking any sounds. At 24 months he did start to pick up some animal sound approximations "ba and moo" and was able to say "moe" for more. We had his 6 month re-evaluation (through EI) in the middle of January. They evaluated his expressive language to be at 12 months and increased his therapy to twice a week. (He has no other delays.) He does have some hypotonia in his lower lip and tongue.

After careful consideration and the "OK" from his pediatrician, I started our 24 and ½ month old son on Nutriiveda on February 1st. It has been two weeks and we have seen him go from 1-2 word approximations to well over 50 word approximations! He will try to mimic anything I ask him too. He even has some two word approximations: "la oo" for love you! He can make all consonant sounds now except for "j, t, d, and s." I did not tell his speech therapist when I started him and she could not believe the difference! She said he was mimicking and trying any word she asked! I can now get him to mimic whole sentences: I will say one word at a time and he will repeat it. He will say "I - wan - moe - ruck - pees" for I want more truck please. He has many more spontaneous approximations as well. He can even say some words spontaneously and perfectly: "pop, happy, me, my, mama, baby, go, up, yeah, wee, uh-oh" and I am sure there are a few more that I am not thinking of right now. He will even sing along with his new CD aimed at children with CAS "Drills on Wheels!" So it has been about a month now since he was evaluated to be 12 months expressively and I took him to Chicago to see a Developmental Pediatrician (to get a formal diagnoses) on Friday. There was a speech therapist, a developmental therapist, an occupational therapist, a child psychiatrist, and the Pediatrician in the room for his evaluation. They determined that his expressive speech is now at a 21 month level! That means he went from a 12 month level to a 21 month level in less than a month (and two weeks on the Nutriiveda!) We were amazed and so was the group that evaluated him! I did bring a label and some of our group's information to let them know about the Nutriiveda, but they pretty much dismissed that it could be the Nutriiveda. They told us to keep doing "whatever" we were doing. I believe differently of course!

I can't say that there have been many other noticeable changes in my son, but he has never had any behavioral problems and he has always been very social. I do think he focuses a little better during his speech therapy sessions but other than that, I haven't noticed any other changes. (As if the speech wasn't enough!)

So, thank you Lisa for bringing this wonderful product to our group and I hope that all of you see as many great changes in your children as we have seen in the last few weeks!



well she started Fed. 3rd we did 1 whole scoop for 2 days then I noticed she was a bit hyper so I reduced it to 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the even after dinner. So far she has been very social lots of spontaneous speech, I noticed she is more alert and aware of whats going on my baby has never asked questions before, the other day she said "mommy whats that"? Just last night she said "I'm hungry" I was so surprised I asked her what she said and she said" I'M HUNGRY" lol that made me so so happy! That's not even half Lisa I think she's really excited and she knows something wonderful is happening to because she just so happy now and full of energy she just wants to learn as much as possible she comes and gets me or her dad and says 'sit in car read book ok'! LOL
I haven't started a journal yet but I will!


Jack's update

I have great news to share, it is finally our turn to report a surge! It was just last week that I posted what a bad week it had been. Jack seemed a little out of it and was making no vocalization attempts. Wow, what a difference a week makes! It has been 5 days on the right oil (EPA and EFA) and 5 days on Nutriveda. JAck's PROMPT specialist came to my home for a session today. As usual they went to the basement to play. Trish came upstairs and said "Anni, you have to see this!" So I went downstairs and Trish started playing an animal game with Jack. She was asking him to say elephant, tiger, giraffe etc and he was attemting to say them all! It didn't sound exactly like the word, but it was getting close!! Trish told me that this was a jump. The last time she saw him she was having to prompt for sounds where the lips come together. He was doing that all by himself today, no prompting! He used to never even attempt a difficult word, he'd just look away if you asked him! Also, there is more engagement; it's hard to explain because it is subtle. As I said, it has only been 5 days. I am sure we are in for more improvement.

I will keep posting his progress. We are starting the SCD diet on Sunday. GFCF didn't work for us. My son has horrible digestive issues. We need to get his bowels under control before we do HBOT. I am going to keep him on the oils and NV. For those who are also interested in SCD and HBOT, you may want to follow our progress. Just a note, SCD diet is not for everyone. It is a very strict diet and I am working closely with our DAN Doc on this one.

I also want to thank Lisa, I truly cannot express how thankful I am for all your contributions. I would still be lost and full of anxiety. You are helping us all through this confusing puzzle. I really felt hopeless before. Now I feel as if we are making major headway. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
PS Lisa, sorry my phone did die while we were talking!


I have been wanting to send along what our findings have been on NV. Matthew (9) started NV about 3.5 weeks ago and I have been having a hard time putting my finger on what I have been seeing. Let me start by saying that Matthew is very verbal. I think that his intelligibility has increased but I am with him all the time so I am not the best judge. However I have noticed that he is combining more words and phrases. He seems to be more even tempered. His complexion has been healthier looking too. Unfortunately here in Maryland we are going on day 12 of no school, so I haven't had any input from his team. And even being off with no schedule he seems to be doing great, me on the other hand, I am going crazy!

Just to comment on how he does drinking it:
We go for chocolate in this family. At first I had to sit there with him to make sure he would drink it. I had to bribe him at times to finish. I bought a cool looking cup with a neat straw to help make it seem cooler:-) Now he drinks it down twice a day w/o even blinking an eye. I use pre-made non-fat
chocolate milk 4oz and 4oz of non-fat milk and two scoops. I think it taste pretty good.. My feeling is that Matthew must feel good drinking this otherwise my strong willed boy would be boycotting this?

I look forward to one day getting back to school and hearing what Matthew's team might be seeing. Again, I can't put my finger on it but something is happening.  *Barbara I look forward to seeing what you and Rebecca also think.


  Our Nutriiveda experience so far

Our daughter has been on Nutriiveda now for about 10 days. She is 10 years old and reminds me a lot of Melanie when I read Melanie's blog.

Since starting Nutriiveda I can report the following but I do want to note that the day we started she got a cold that has been going through our family and still has cold symptoms to date:

After 24 hours of being on a full dose for her age we found her to be more chatty but also more hyper. The second day she went to the kitchen and spontaneously said (eat). She also grabbed my face that day to look into my eyes and tried to say something to me. She was babbling more and tyring to say more. During these first few days she was acting up at school though.

By day 5 she was behaviourally better at school and started to put the front part of a word in. For example many times she says (ack) for back or (ome) for home but now she started to say the full word. On the 6th day she repeated the word yes and spontaneously said hello (she always says hi and not hello) . She was constantly laughing at shows that day and paying attention to them. She also tried to trick my husband. He was taking her to brush her teeth in the washroom. She then stepped behind him and waited for him to go into the washroom and then took off on him after he had gone in. She did not follow him in. The school though reported a difficult day that day. She kept putting her head down and not wanting to work. Not sure if it was the cold or Nutriiveda but at home she was ok.

On day 7 she said her name in full (Nicole). She usually says (cole). By day 9 my husband and I noticed her face was more expressive. She also tried to say her two word combinations more and tried real hard to put three words together. Day 10 today- she was more chatty this morning. I asked her a few questions and she answered me with simple one word responses. Today she also went into the kitchen and opened all the kitchen cupboard doors to see what is inside. She was also listening well today.

She continues to have a cold so I wonder if Nutriiveda would work even better with bigger surges when she gets well.

I only have her on Nutriiveda at this time as I wanted to make sure nothing else interfered with it. I still though give her seizure meds as she has absence seizures. I was giving her Krill oil but stopped this. The ProEPA and ProEFA which I had used in the past did help her initially but then it plateaued so I had switched to Krill oil based on a doctor's suggestion to see if this worked.

This last week we have seen some behaviour issues at school, chewing her hands, licking ice on our rink (yuk). Could this is oral exploration ? She is sleeping well but I noticed is taking longer to fall asleep. Today I tried to get her to write her name as her fine motor is weak. She held the pen okl and I let her try to write her name on her own as I always hold her wrist for strength and better control. She did do it but it was still big and all over place but she still held onto the pen on her own the whole time. Usually if I don't hold her wrist she will just drop the pen.

I was wondering some things, 1) is Nutriiveda hard on the kidneys or liver. I am just wondering as she is on a seizure med and so I want to make sure there is no overload. 2) She also does not like to drink a lot so is that ok when using Nutriiveda ? I have been putting her Nutriiveda in apple sauce and she loves it. It tastes just like chocolate pudding.

3) As well, can Nutriiveda cause yeast symptoms and or can it help heal the gut.

I am just hoping that it is truly the Nutriiveda and hope that things get better. To be honest I have questioned myself on if I am seeing these things because I am just paying more attention. I don't know but I will continue and see how things go. There seems to be some good things going on here.


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