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"My family and I had the great opportunity to have Microscopy Sessions with Sean Fuller.  The work he is doing is extremely impressive and incredibly informative!  We are very grateful for the insight Sean provided us with and delighted"
Bill Farley Former CEO Fruit of the Loom, BVD, and Christian Dior

Chicago’s Six Billion Dollar Man www.MeetBillFarley.com

 I wanted to take a moment to thank you for meeting with me yesterday.  I appreciated your time and knowledge.  I respect what you do. I have to admit I was not properly prepared for our meeting.  I wasn't planning to have my daughter with me.   As I am sure you can understand, at 14 years old, she is very anxious, stressed, and worried about what has happened to me within the last few months.  I wanted to let you know, however, that later on in the afternoon yesterday, she decided to talk about what took place.  She was quite impressed with your knowledge and learned a great deal in that short time.  She expressed to me how she also appreciated the meeting.  Basically, her fears went away after she took the time to process what she heard.  She was very thankful to meet you.  She said, "Every doctor's office should have a you"...her words exactly. Basically, I wanted to send this note to you to thank you.  This experience is a HUGH wake up call for me on many levels.  I have spent the better part of last night and today reading "The Journey".  I can't thank you enough for the recommendation of that book alone.  I am one who believes that the soul and the positive power of belief of everything and the will to keep going is a true form of life.
Karen S


Dear Sean,
I would like to take a moment of your time to Thank-You for your kindness, knowledge, patience and compassion.
My Mom received wonderful healthy news today regarding the pet scan. Six years ago she was given six weeks.  The doctors continue to be baffled.
This is one of the most precious gifts one could receive. You are truly a wonderful blessing to this world.
I am truly grateful for your time that you so generously shared with my family, and in return I will support you in any which way I can. Your knowledge and your kindness will always be deeply appreciated.  May God Bless You with Peace, Love and
Patti S.

 Live blood analysis is an interesting technique being studied at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School. Last month, I had mine tested by Sean Fuller, a live Blood Analysis practitioner, with amazingly accurate results.

Robin A Bernhoft, MD



I had been having dizzy spells, didn’t have the energy to get off the couch, and felt overall horrible.  I had been to the Doctors several times and they could not find anything.  My cousin brought me to see Sean.  I thought what is this “Blood Guy” going to tell me that the Doctor can’t.  Looking at my blood Sean could see something definitely wasn’t right.  Sean made my cousin promise him that she would make sure she got me to see a Doctor again.  I went to the Doctor they looked me over told me I was fine took some blood and sent me home.  That night the Doctor called and told my husband to get me to the emergency room immediately.  I went into the hospital for 3 days for tests to see why my blood count was at 16% and dropped to 12%. I had a massive tumor in my uterus and was severely anemic from internal bleeding.  I received 4 units of blood.  In January 2011 I had a massive tumor (the size of a cantaloupe) removed.

Sean saved my life and is my guardian angel of health. 
Tonya Harkins


My friend suggested I have a microscopy session with Sean.  I have Pulmonary Stenosis essentially my lungs are dying.  One of my lungs is completely dead the other is half dead.  I had been given 4 to 6 weeks to live.  My goal when I met Sean was to make it six weeks because I have an insurance policy that went from $5,000 to $50,000 on August 14th.  It used to take me 10 to 15 minutes to return from the bathroom because my blood oxygen levels would drop into the 40’s.  Two days after following Sean’s recommendations I was returning from the bathroom with my oxygen levels in the 90’s.  Sean called me on my Birthday September 20th.  I told him that the day before I went to the grocery store and instead of riding around in my little buggy I walked around the store with my walker. 
Joe L.


Sean Fuller is a man of in-depth nutrition and scientific knowledge with impeccable integrity, character and compassion. I have known him at least 10 years and consider him to be a close, genuine friend and colleague.
Lucy Livingston Brown

Having had three strokes I was very skeptical that anything holistic would improve my health.  Meeting with Sean has truly changed my life.  The very next morning after meeting with Sean the night before my blood pressure had dropped from 229/94 to 155/67.  After 30 days I am now off two of my three blood pressure medications.  Within 16 days my blood sugar has just about normalized all this with no diet changes.  Even more amazing to me is my speech improvement.  After the strokes I slurred my speech very bad and had to search for words.  Today my speech is normal, and I no longer have to search for words.  My Doctor cannot believe the strength that has returned in my arm.   I look forward to continuing down the path to restoring my health

Susan W.

"I scheduled a session with Sean because my four year old daughter cried of leg pain while riding in the car.  When Sean looked at her blood she had two hip profiles.  To my amazement he asked if she was born C Section, which she was.  He explained how in the birthing canal the hips, are set.   He recommended we see a chiropractor and have her adjusted.  Her pain has completely disappeared, I am forever grateful!"
C. Payne
 "Sean Fuller is a very knowledgeable Microscopist. He is able to help clients by showing them exactly what is going on inside their body from looking at the blood. He has been a tremendous help in my own health. I highly recommend Sean to anyone looking to improve their well being." 

Susan L. ND

My name is Joell O'Malley and I am writing about my experience after meeting Sean. I was heading for my sixth knee surgery and have been suffering from Fybromyalgia for over ten years until Sean found his way into my life.  I have been experiencing intense pain and inflammation in my knees consistently for the past two years. I could barely get off the couch and when I did, I walked with immense pain. Stairs where a nightmare and I avoided them at all cost even though I have many of them in my home. Every morning I awoke feeling miserable and often contemplated ending my life because I could not stand the pain. 
      In December 2008 I was introduced to Sean by my mother, who by the way looks ten years younger since she met Sean. Well after a month and a half of applying my new education I noticed that my knees didn't hurt any more and that I woke up with out pain. Stairs no longer bother me and I now walk with a happy energetic bounce in my step. Everyone I know has noticed the difference and can't believe the transformation. People have commented on the sparkle in my eyes and about my lack of a limp that has plagued me for the past two years.  All in all I sleep better, feel more at ease and actually find that my cravings for sugar have almost disappeared. I loved my sugar and could not get enough before. The greatest thing of all though, is that I cancelled my sixth knee surgery. I have so much energy now and have even began walking, on top of my daily pool therapy. I could barely walk from room to room and this new ability has improved my mood greatly, and has actually improved my relationships because I am less crabby.   

Joell O.


 After being diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2007 I decided to take the natural route to support my healing.  My naturopath prescribed dozens of dietary changes and supplements for me, which made a big difference in my live blood analysis.  But the supplements were numerous, expensive, and not covered by any insurance plan.  Over time Sean helped me to pare down my supplements to only what was necessary while keeping an eye on my blood work to make sure it was still improving.  He's extremely thorough and knowledgeable and he always keeps cost effectiveness in mind.  His genuine intent is to help people take charge of and maintain their own health without getting lost in the pricey and mind-boggling world of supplements.  Today my blood work looks better than ever, and I couldn't be happier with my results.
Paula R.

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