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In 1998 the Nobel prize for medicine was won on L-Arginine and its function in the body. 

In some aspects the supplement industry is no better than the pharmaceutical industry.  The supplement industry uses the research from Nobel Prize to market their products having no idea how to make safe and effective products.  There are a few exceptions.  Out of all the products in this category on the market today there are only three that have a history of safe and long term effective use. 

Understand the formulation is critical.  John Hopkins hospital conducted a study on the cardiovascular benefits of L-Arginine and stopped it after 6 months after 9% of the participants in the study died.  No one on the placebo died.  Upon review they determined it was the formulation they used. 

ProArgi9 Plus had a safe history of use and is extremely effective.  Explore the research and testimonials for yourself.
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