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There are lots of boxes the medical community wants to put us in.  The reality of it is its all about balance.  Our body will sacrifice every organ, gain weight, pull from muscles, and push toxins into our tissue just to keep us alive.  Our bodies objective is to keep us alive but not necessarily healthy. 

As far as "I am just getting old" we can age gracefully.  At the age of 23 when I stood up it took my first ten steps with pain to loosen up because the abuse to my body from racing motocross.  Twenty years later I can bounce right up with no pain because of the things I have done.  A few years ago a friend and I were rock climbing the in Yosemite.  We had passed several parties so we were by no means slow.  We were passed by an 82 year old man!  I had to applaud, anything is possible if you do the right things.  I had a 90 year old client on 7 medications who walked with a cane and shook while using it.  After 3 months she carried the cane like a purse, it was the cutest thing.  By 92 she was down to one medication for thyroid which had been removed.  At 93 she died peacefully in her sleep, the way it should be.

I have looked at all the different approaches to health and taken what I believe is the best pieces of them, meaning it improves the quality of our blood to help restore that balance back to our body.   Follow the links for a few of my favorite products that help jump start us back to balance.
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