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Green Drinks

There are many different green drinks on the market today.  A green drink is usually a combination of grasses, vegetables, herbs and botanicals designed to provide nutrition. Understand wheat grass is not the same as wheat unless it has gone to seed which none of these products have.  So even those avoiding wheat can consume these products.


A high quality green drink is every vitamin mineral and trace mineral in a form the body can absorb, essentially its fast food vegetables. 


When you are looking for a green drink you want one without Probiotics and Enzymes in it.  Probiotics and Enzymes are live living things so the are actually eating and breaking down the product as it is sitting on the shelf in the container.  If they are eating guess what else they are doing, you guessed yuck!  These before and after pictures were after taking a product with probiotics and enzymes in it.  You can see they actually cause the product to have a negative effect on the blood.



Here are three different products that I like and why.


Synergy Worldwide’s Core Greens 
Synergy’s products are manufactured by Natures Sunshine.  Nature’s Sunshine is the first company to encapsulate herbs over 35 years ago.  They reject 15% of the material that comes in the door because they look at when does each individual ingredient have the highest nutrients.  These specifications make their quality exceptional.   Core Greens is the most nutrient rich of the three products I have listed here making it the best choice for building blood and bone.  Think about it what do the strongest animals in the world eat.  Grass! Elephants live into their 70’s and do not have bone density problems!

Core Greens is also available in capsule and can be ordered at my cost by calling Synergy at 801-431-7660 from 9am to 7pm est and giving them my distributor number 794315, make sure you ask for the distributor price.  Or by clicking this link https://us.synergyworldwide.com/Signup/InitialOrder.aspx and scrolling down to the shop all products you will need my ID# 794315 to order


Alkavison’s Green Shield

Green Shield is an inexpensive good quality product that also has clay in it making it ideal for detoxification.  Alkavison products can be ordered at www.alkavision.com


Innerlight’s Supergreens

Supergreens is the original and the one that got me started on this whole microscopy path.  Supergreens has lots of ingredients in it including small amounts of botanicals giving it a homeopathy effect.  Supergreens and other Innerlight products can be ordered at my cost by calling Innerlight at 800-677-0997 My ID# is 79609 and the password is 3800.

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