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Lisa Indish is a poetess, vocalist, author, Ionic Foot Detox Practitioner, Certified Magnified Healer and Reiki Master with a gifted singing voice and acoustical sound of light language healing. Her inspirational product line (ranging from greeting cards to sweatshirts) has been considered by Hay House and her CD, Via Poetica, has been aired by the producer at Ultima Thule, Neville Dorrington from Australia who wrote:

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“…Living as I do in a vast city, I find more and more that people can be so hard to connect with. These musical forms seem to help with ones inner connection – to the joy and spirit within. I recommend Via Poetica to anyone who may have lost their personal way in life, and who needs to reconnect with their own humanity… this CD is a gem to own.”

On June 21, 2009 Lisa was introduced to Celia Fenn’s audience at Starchild Global as part of a “Peace for the Oceans” global meditation. (starchildglobal.com/peacefortheoceans.html)
“...and introducing Lisa Indish

We are joined in this Meditation by Poet and Singer, Lisa Indish from Rhode Island in the USA. Lisa also works with the Cetacean energy and with sound and music. We are including here her video of a poem that sets the tone for the New Earth and for Creating Heaven on Earth for all of us on this beautiful New Earth Planet.”

Lisa’s Shifting Your Perception Workshop is but one of the inspirational workshops that Lisa wishes to share in the future, along with the “Atlantis Rising” channel which was featured as a closing track on Richard Bone’s Vesperia CD, (the Vesperia Epilogue). This can be experienced any time by visiting You Tube. Much to her surprise, The Vesperia Epilogue became a stunning cosmic disco sound, remixed by Baldelli and Dionigi, for the dance floors of Europe and an Italian label is very interested in releasing a full CD of remixes, Vesperia Epilogue to be among these remixes. 

Lisa was also featured in Aspire magazine as an aspiring woman in 2007. Tom Verdi, an artist from Hawaii wrote this about Lisa and Richard’s video:

“…The video was absolutely beautiful. Even here at my office at work, it was as if I could feel my heart (chakra) opening up as I watched it. Timeless, the future of poetry as a multimedia experience. How much more artisans’ of every media are still inspired to call to others to remember their true nature in this world…”
Peace and Aloha,
Tom Verdi

Her healing light, enthusiasm and energy are a delight to encounter. Along with her “other half”, Sean Fuller, Certified Nutritional Microscopist, they continue help heal one person at a time… body, mind and spirit.

* A portion of all her proceeds from foot detox spa sessions to products is contributed to food banks throughout the US.
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