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Balance is the first product created by Fuller Wellness.  After almost ten years of seeing clients and what they would most benefit from my effort turned to creating something very special.  What does it do?  It is designed to help bring the body back into a state of Balance what ever your issue may be.

 Balance is based on the 5000 year old tradition of Ayruveda.   Ayruveda is the sister science to yoga and is known as the Science of Life   If a practice of medicine survived for 5000 years it is not because it was not effective.  The botanicals were selected because of their long safe history of use, effectiveness,  and their ability to work with each other.  This Creates something much more powerful than a single herb ever could.  All the juices that are used in this formulation are specifically chosen to work with the corresponding botanical increasing their effectiveness and to drive the botanicals deeper into the body.


Frequently Asked Questions

“I have been dealing with anxiety issues my whole life which also caused sleeping issues. On top of that, I would get bad restless leg syndrome which also prevented me from sleeping. I started taking balance, which I've been taking over a month now. I noticed I was more calm, yet mentally clear, and sleeping better. I ran out and kept putting off getting more. The first 4 days, I didn't really notice anything, but when I got into the second week, I started having sleeping problems, my restless leg syndrome came back, and I was more groggy. I then realized I needed balance. The day I started taking it again, I slept much better that night and my restless leg syndrome was gone!”

Sasha G

Hi Sean, over the past month I was having bad shoulder and neck pain that was going down my arm. I will admit, I stopped taking Balance the way I should have been. Three days ago I started taking the three ounces faithfully and within the next day, I felt relief.  I can feel it subsiding. My back pain is gone too. Just taking three ounces for three days straight and feel the difference. I was having headaches and migraines regularly and I haven't had any since I started.  Congestion is gone every time I take it. Balance TOTALLY took away my acid reflux. Stress would bring it on. There are times I would suffer so badly. It amazes that I don't worry about it anymore. Thank you again for talking with me and sharing this with me.  Keep up the fantastic work.
Mary S

“I'm hoping for relief from chronic pain due to shattered shoulder…
Only day two but.......my shoulder isn't sticking as much and feeling as heavy.  AND it's a rainy day!!”
Chris L.

“This may be long....sinusitis I have during the winter and a cough, congestion.  The first day the cough subsided which amazed me. Third day, took two ounces in the AM one just before I started making dinner. The third day when we sat down to eat I started feeling pain on the right side of my head and was really relaxed.  Suddenly I felt my sinuses open up.  That pain was my head clearing.  Sean, that hasn't happened in years. I did get extremely relaxed, like in a happy place..lol. Anxiety; been on meds for about 12 years and want to get off them. Withdrawals are horrendous. Anxiety is really high right now from all my husband and I have gone through.  He is doing really well, it's I who worries every moment and hits worse at night.  When I feel it come on I try to relax, but at times it gets bad.  So, instead of having meds, one night I took a shot of Balance and it did just that, Balanced me out.  Also, what has happened since taking this, Balance is the only thing I changed.  I'm sure once I get back on track eating well, it may be that much better. I would keep asking my husband "is this really working this fast???" Lol. Response...."ahhhhh yeah, what else did you change!!!" The one night during dinner I was sooooooo relaxed....felt good, just to relaxed.  One more thing,  I test my blood sugar every day. Took it this morning and was 168......Took Balance...tested it an hour later just to see if it changed...106.  Stopped taking the medication for that about a month and a half ago.  Ohohoh.....acid reflux......nada since I started. Just a little one night because I tasted something spicy. And believe me,  I would have been suffering terribly. So it has to be this, I didn't change something else. Oh, haven't had a headache since. Migraines, not one since. “

Mary S.


“I love your BALANCE of Ayurvedic Herbal Blend. When I received the two bottles in November, I immediately started taking the daily dosage.  December has been a super busy month for me with all the Christmas preparations and guests coming and going. Many family members and friends have had various colds and flus so in taking this Blend I have and I am staying healthy!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!”
Mary G.

 “I have had a 3” round blistered red ring on my forearms for the last three months.  I never did find the cause but my new gloves have a round circle exactly where the mark is.  I have tried everything to help clear it up.  Sean recommended trying to put Balance on it topically.  I did one arm and in the morning it was 50% less.  I did both arms and in three days completely gone.  If Balance does this on the outside of the body imagine what it is doing on the inside! “
Arthur R.


"I've definitely experienced a change since taking Balance. I could only take the omega 3 fish oil capsules with great difficulty. Now they slide down effortlessly. My throat always clamped down when ever I'd take capsules or eat dry meat. We need more balance. It too early to say I'm cured but your product does make a difference."
Bruce R.


“I do track and I pulled something in my leg. My dad immediately had me take Balance and three days later it was feeling better. I don't know if it's related to that but since I started taking it I feel great.”
Hannah F.


“So I decided to cut diet soda out of my diet and its made a huge change in how I feel .. I've also added Balance.   It has made a big difference in how I feel ... It's a great product ... Thank you Sean for sharing your product with me”
Carrie C.


“You know we completely trust that whatever Sean does is nothing but the best.”
Valerie S.

 “4 years ago I met Sean and he literally saved my life. So I trust him totally. He amazed me with his knowledge of blood and his compassion to help others with their health.“
Tonya H.


Supplement Facts

When prepared in 64 ounces of Cranberry Pomegranate Juice

 Serving Size 1fl oz (30 ml)

 Servings per container 64

                                                                             Daily Value Calories 17

Total Carbohydrates 4.3g

                                                                             Sugars 3.8g

Organic Proprietary Blend ***

                                                    Organic Amalaki( Embilica officinalis) fruit

                                                    Organic Brahmi (Centella asiatica) leaf

                                                    Organic Turmeric (Curcuma longa) root

                                                    Organic  Haritaki  (Terminalia chebula) fruit

                                                    Organic Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) leaf

                                                    Organic Ginger (Zingiber officinale) root

                                                    Organic Jujube (Zizyphus jujuba) fruit

                                                    Organic Musta (Cyperus rotundus) root

                                                    Organic Schizandra (Schisandra chinensis) fruit

Other Ingredients; Organic Grape Juice Powder, Organic Pear Juice Powder, and Organic Lime juice Powders


Add contents of package to 64 ounces of Pomegranate Cranberry Juice after

pouring off approximately 4 ounces of juice. Shake well and


Recommended Juices are Whole Foods 365 Organic Cranberry Pomegranate, Northland Pomegranate Cranberry, and Ocean Spray 100% Juice Pomegranate Cranberry.  All are Non GMO

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