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There are many supplements marketed as antioxidants.  Understand that just because something is an antioxidant outside the body does not mean it works that way inside the body.  Years back I met a gentleman who owned a company called Oxiscore.  Oxiscore makes a test to measure the MDA (free radical cell damage) in the urine.  I said to him “You must sell a ton of these tests to the supplement industry that use it as a marketing tool to show the effectiveness of their product.”  His response was “We sell a ton to hospitals and Doctors offices but not the supplement industry.  We send them 50 tests then they call us back and ask why didn’t the test work?”  Its not why didn’t the test work, its why didn’t the product move the test!  Interestingly the products that I have seen move the test also improve the blood quality.  Sadly out of all the liquid nutritional products on the market today I have only seen two that effectively improve the blood.  I recommended the first product Mystica for three years and saw very good results.  After six months of recommending the second product I found in this category Zrii, I had more testimonials that the previous three years using Mystica.


Deceptive Marketing

We constantly see and hear the word highest ORAC available.  ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity, and is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples in a test tube or petri dish, not the body.  The ORAC score can be very easily manipulated by altering the starting point much like moving the zero on the bathroom scale to gain or loose weight.  Even the inventor of the ORAC scale says, “Just because something has a high ORAC does not mean it works that way in the body.”



But what is so important about antioxidants anyway?

 Antioxidants prevent free radical damage.  Free radicals are why we age.   Two percent of the oxygen we metabolize (just breathing) turns into a free radical, we are literally rusting on the inside.  When there is sickness, disease, memory problems, pain or inflammation present there is an increased amount of free radical activity present.  Modern medicine states that 85% of all diseases are the result of free radical damage, so if it's possible to reduce the damage, why not do so?

Okay.  What is a free radical?

There are different types of free radicals but let's use the oxygen free radical for this example. 

Picture the earth with the moon orbiting it.  The moon keeps the earth rotating on its axis and the tides in check.  If we lost the moon the tides would be so extreme you would be able to surf in Colorado.  An oxygen molecule has two electrons orbiting it like moons.  A free radical is an oxygen molecule that has lost one of its moons (electrons).  The oxygen molecule must stabilize itself so it tries to steal a moon (electron) from another molecule.  One free radical will damage 3000 cells before it stabilizes itself.  The 3000 cells it damages will damage another 30,000 cells.  This happens to 2% of the oxygen we breathe in.  A single puff of a cigarette creates a trillion free radicals.  Multiply this by 30 then by 30,000.  There is nothing we can do to offset the damage we do by smoking.

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