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Several years ago my friend, a nurse, gave me something that looked like swamp water and told me it would give me more energy. In three days, I was staring at this green liquid wondering where my allergies went.  I was allergic to cats, dogs, grass, dust, and pollen…. my doctor gave me a prescription but I felt drugged, so I lived life with a stuffy nose.  After my sample ran out my allergies returned, so I ordered some and this time my allergies were gone in two days.  After two months of drinking swamp water, my asthma disappeared and I dropped 40 pounds.

May 3rd 2003 (the day the Old Man of the Mountain fell off) I went to a presentation behind the science of what I was drinking.  It was common sense to me.  When they started with the testimonials there were many people who had reversed common challenges and lost weight.  At the time I worked as an engineer.  I always thought anything holistic was a bunch of garbage and that doctors knew best.  I went right back into my box and thought that if you could lose weight you could reverse these challenges. Then one woman named Dorothy stood up and said she had breast cancer.  She said, “My doctors want to do a double mastectomy and chemotherapy immediately, both my sisters died after going that route, I am going to this and be completely fine.”  I looked at my the nurse and said “She is going to be completely dead, there is no way any of this can do anything for cancer.” 

At work, several people inquired about the changes in me, so I shared it.  Over the course of the next year I saw many people improve their health and have what they call pH Miracles.  A year later I ran into Dorothy and she was completely fine.  It was what I call a light bulb moment. 

I spent the next year looking at all the different approaches to holistic health from the engineering perspective.  What I found is that there are lots of different ways to restore health.  There were good products, bad products, companies that created universities or institutes to do research on their made up science to sell their products.  I was still skeptical, so much that to the dismay of my now ex-wife I spent $20,000 and went out to California to take a microscopy course to satisfy my curiosity.  After the microscopy course I felt compelled to share what I had learned.

I quit my engineering job and moved into a holistic center only to find 80% of the people I sat with would not change their diet, drink more water, or take baby steps to improve their health.  So I went out and spent thousands of dollars looking for easy-use products that improved blood quality to jump-start my clients, only to be disgusted.  Most people are so nutrient deficient that when you give them something that has nutrients in an absorbable form they get results.  Ethically, I could say to some, take this, it may make you feel better, knowing that when they come back their blood wouldn’t have improved.  Over the years, I have continued my quest for knowledge, providing me with a solid base of how the different holistic approaches affect the blood.  When I sit with a client I take in their situation, health, support, diet, and resources and educate them on the most economical and effective approach to get them back in balance.


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