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Sean is one of kindest, most considerate, and intelligent individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing!!!!

Bonnie H

 Live blood analysis is an interesting technique being studied at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School. Last month, I had mine tested by Sean Fuller, a live Blood Analysis practitioner, with amazingly accurate results.

Robin A Bernhoft, MD

Sean Fuller

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Welcome to Fuller Wellness!

Fuller Wellness is your educational resource for regaining and maintaining life long health.  I am not a Doctor or Medical Professional. I do not treat or diagnose.  I educate individuals and groups based on the extensive research into health and wellness that I have conducted over the years.

In today's world there are literally thousands of supplements on the market, all of which offer some miracle claim.  The bottom line is most people are so nutrient deficient that they achieve miracle results, but in reality is it safe or the best approach?  Simply put, the blood doesn’t lie.

Your blood can tell you if what you are doing is working or not.  You may feel great, but what does your blood look like?  Blood quality is the true measure of health.  My belief is that if you are going to spend your hard earned dollars on supplements, they should improve blood quality.  Unfortunately there are very few supplements on the market today that do this effectively.  In 1996, the American Nutraceutical Association did a study on commonly found supplements on the market today.  They found that only 2.5% of the products on the market were both non-toxic and effective in the body.  Put that in perspective, walk into a health food store where there are 1,000 products on the shelve.  Only 25 of them are worth taking, that is if they even sell them.   I have spent thousands of dollars looking for the best products on the market for my clients.  It is not all about a single product.  It is about what is the best approach to moving some down a path towards health based on their level of commitment, finances, and willingness to change their diet.  As a Microscopist I can tailor a program that will move you toward the results you are seeking.

There are lots of boxes the medical community wants to put us in.  The reality of it is its all about balance.  Our body will sacrifice every organ, gain weight, pull from muscles, and push toxins into our tissue just to keep us alive.  Our bodies objective is to keep us alive but not necessarily healthy.  

As far as "I am just getting old" we can age gracefully.  At the age of 23 when I stood up it took my first ten steps with pain to loosen up because the abuse to my body from racing motocross.  Twenty years later I can bounce right up with no pain because of the things I have done.  A few years ago a friend and I were rock climbing the in Yosemite.  We had passed several parties so we were by no means slow.  We were passed by an 82 year old man!  I had to applaud, anything is possible if you do the right things.  I had a 90 year old client on 7 medications who walked with a cane and shook while using it.  After 3 months she carried the cane like a purse, it was the cutest thing.  By 92 she was down to one medication for thyroid which had been removed.  At 93 she died peacefully in her sleep, the way it should be.

I have looked at all the different approaches to health and taken what I believe is the best pieces of them, meaning it improves the quality of our blood to help restore that balance back to our body.   Follow the links for a few of my favorite products that help jump start us back to balance.

Sean Fuller is a Certified Nutritional Microscopist, trained and certified by Dr. Robert O. Young of the Innerlight Biological Foundation.  He is a Research Associate of the pH Miracle Center in Valley Center, CA and has served as a Board Member of the International Microscopy Association.  Sean’s clients range from professional athletes,  celebrities, Senators, and people with life threatening challenges and range in age from 2 years old to 99 years old.  Sean travels the country and works with various practitioners throughout the US.  As a health coach he can tailor a program that will meet your needs and your level of commitment to get you results.  Sean is a featured speaker at Health Expos and has been asked to speak at events with such luminaries as  Anthony Robbins and Dr. Deepak Chopra.

"I consider Sean to be one of the top three microscopists in the world today"        James Drisscol, Bio Omega (Live Forever)

A gem in the rough, that is what I would call Sean Fuller, Certified Nutritional Microscopist.  Whether he is offering Live and Dry Blood Analysis to celebrities or to the general public, Sean treats me and my clients with incredible presence and integrity.

I use Sean on a monthly basis to monitor not only my own blood, especially when testing new health supplements for their efficacy, but also the blood of my clients.  He is an expert in his field, working for over eight years learning and understanding exactly what characteristics the blood takes on when it is sick, returning back to health and healthy once again so that he can pass that knowledge on to his clients. 

Sean has helped me, and helped my clients understand what health challenges they may be dealing with and what areas of their health to target in order to regain incredible health and longevity. 

Live and Dry Blood analysis is an invaluable tool available to every single person on the planet who is looking to stay or become healthy.  I would strongly recommend Sean as the person to deliver that message and knowing that Sean will travel any where in the country to offer this service, we can no longer have an excuse not to get it done!

The Cleansing Diva!
Fiona Johnston

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